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Sept. 30, 2022

The Podmaster Ponders - Wait, so people are shocked brands do this to get audience?

The Podmaster Ponders - Wait, so people are shocked brands do this to get audience?
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I wasn't planning on publishing this one today, but I'm so staggered on this news story I couldn't resist.

I literally felt like a plus-sized model chaser who's been getting head from Ashley Graham for two whole minutes. (Ok, I'd have probably felt like that closer to forty five seconds into it these days...)

I had the audio up in Adobe Audition, and I was past the point of no return.

And here we are.

Some bonus content released before the first full episode featuring Marcus Sheridan.

Thanks to an article from Ashley Carman in Bloomberg, everyone is in up in arms about iHeartMedia doing something that's seen as a bit shady by the whole world.

Mostly because many podcasters are the definition of participation trophy children.

This whole story further confirms for me a worrying theory I have about not just podcasters, but particularly those people who would seek to coax money out of poor unsuspecting victi.... sorry, 'clients' for 'professional podcast marketing' services.

I mean, there were some pretty high profile podcast people getting all bent out of shape about this on social media.

It was really quite embarrassing.

Anyway, this bit of ranting contains:

  • Why you shouldn't be surprised by this 'news' about iHeartMedia's marketing strategy (which is definitely not as smart as it might seem)
  • Why you can expect more of these kinds of revelations (and why you should ignore them!)
  • What you've needed to know for your whole podcasting life, or get clear on before you start!


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