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Nov. 8, 2022

How to get your podcast into the Apple Podcasts 'chart' (without using scammy marketing or hiring a strategist)

How to get your podcast into the Apple Podcasts 'chart' (without using scammy marketing or hiring a strategist)
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How you can make sure your podcast is a regular fixture in the Apple Podcasts 'chart'!

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If you find yourself pulling your hair out trying to get into the Apple Podcasts 'chart' just like your competition are, then this is the episode for you!


In case you've been living in the dungeon beneath Joe Rogan's house for the past decade, this is the Apple Podcasts 'chart' explained in one sentence.

The Apple Podcasts 'chart' is a visual representation of some specific actions taken while accessing an RSS feed within the Apple Podcasts ecosystem.

The whole 'chart' and how it's compiled has forever been shrouded in secrecy.

Until recently.

Apple Podcasts themselves revealed exactly what the purpose of the chart is when it comes to public view. Sorta.

"Apple Podcasts Charts reflect the most popular shows and episodes available in a given market and are designed to help people discover what to listen to next. They do not reflect all-time listening records and are not a measure of the largest podcasts by listenership."

Here's the link to read that for yourself.

So, just how do you get into this elusive 'chart' of all podcast excellence?

I wouldn't believe everything you read about it elsewhere.

I wouldn't even believe Apple Podcasts themselves without question.

In case you want to get a bit more of an insight into that, and why I feel Apple Podcasts whole 'chart' system is problematic, you can watch this video here.

But for the purposes of this episode, I'm going to stick to the topic in hand.

How you can get your podcast into the Apple Podcasts 'chart'

What you'll hear:

  • How you can get into the chart - you DON'T need a strategist (0m47s)
  • How Steven Bartlett stay on top of the Apple Podcasts 'chart' (1m15s)
  • The 'chart formula' (02m39s)
  • The caveat (04m17s)
  • What DO you do to grow your podcast? (06m29s)




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